Hilltop Granites

Choosing Between Granite & EQS?

Let’s say you want to install a countertop or an island for your kitchen. You will most probably boil down to two options—granite or engineered quartz stone. These two are hot favourites amongst the manufacturers and consumers. Let’s look at what makes Granites and Engineered Quartz stones (EQS) the best in business and a favourite for many.

For starters, Granite is a natural stone. Getting cooked deep down the Earth for billions of years with all the right combination of minerals in the molten mix, has helped give the best colours and hues to the stone. Geology has still not been able to explain as to why there is such vibrancy and colour when it comes to Granite.

Humans have been enthralled by granite ever since the innumerable possibilities of this rock were discovered. The stone has been endlessly giving beauty to us since then. I am not sure about the Man but the stone has been definitely kind, no doubt about this.Next time, when you walk down the cobbled streets, look down and you will see what those dragging feet have brought on: sheen. It indeed is a wonder, that the beige slab you just fell in love with or awestruck by the labradorite from Madagascar, was sliced so thin. That’s a herculean task. Going down 1000 feet, taking out large chunks of rock, a chunk the size of a house and then splitting it to chunks the size of a large SUV.  The blocks are then sawn to slices on machines the size of Jumbo’s. Actually, they are called Jumbo Gangsaws and then followed by polishing it to a high gloss. It is character and beauty from Mother Nature brought into your kitchen as is.

On the other hand, EQS is a handmade (pun- unintended) stone. It is a matrix of crushed quartz crystals in a small concoction of polyester resins, mixed thoroughly, with a dash of colour pigments.

The crushed crystals are pressed and vibrated so the tiny gaps are covered by the crystals and there is no gap. The frequency of the vibrator is akin to that of a regular saloon use. It is then vacuumed to suck out the air trapped inside and voila, you have a well laid out dough ready to be baked. Quartz, as you know, is everywhere. Sand is an example of Quartz. Of course, it is not a good enough reason, for our subject in question. But did you know that the ingredients for making the EQS and the Swarovski crystals are the same, which is SiO2, silicon dioxide. Getting back to the process – the baked slabs are then ground in Line Polishers to get an even thickness on either side of the slab before the slabs are polished to a high gloss using abrasives. That’s it!

Is it? Not really!

Well what about the patterns of the Marble? Yes, they are created, exactly similar to the Carrara Slices of the best whites using techniques to make out a pattern in slabs, no two of which are the same.

On the surface level (pun totally intended), both the stones are amazing with subtle differences. While nothing can beat the uniqueness of granite, nothing can beat the practicality of EQS. Whatever the surface, EQS or granite, a stone laid well sets the mood to experience the best culinary experience.