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What are the steps taken for Quality Control?

At Hilltop producing quality goods is not a chore, it is a habit. With sincere efforts and thorough parameters our quality control begins at the get go.

Below are the stages of quality control:

At the procurement stage, it is a visual inspection of the procured blocks (stones.)

Next check comes during the sawing stage to avoid any deviations on the stone dimensions.

During the processing and polishing stage, the dimensions are measured again and reworked if required.

The Final Quality Control (QC) is done more elaborately, as in the parameters described below:

Visual Inspection:  Parameters checked for:

  1. Gloss Levels of the slab
  2. Visible cracks or fissures
  3. Pitting or pores on surface
  4. Colour variation

Dimensional Inspection:  Parameters checked for:

  1. Measurement of the slab size
  2. Measurement of thickness
  3. Straightness of the slab.
How do you package the stones while transporting to other countries?

While shipping to other states and countries, the product is only as good as the packaging. We take utmost care about our products being delivered in perfect condition. At Hilltop, every slab is packed to meet the safety standards and the weight norms conforming to the EU or USA.

  1. Slabs are completely dry before they are wrapped in PU sheet to prevent scratches and moisture.
  2. Bunched together and tightly packed in wooden crates of rubber wood or pine.
  3. Bundled slabs are checked for its weight separately.
  4. Based on the loading plan, the bundles are loaded into the container and lashing is done to secure it firmly.
  5. Finally, the container is fumigated to prevent the growth of mold.
How long does the shipping of products take?

The time taken for shipping depends on the delivery destination. Basically, the inland transportation to the nearest port takes 2 days. However, the container could take anywhere 5 to 7 days to get to start sailing. The time taken for sailing is 45 days; this may vary depending on the liner. A maximum of 60 days should be considered to get to your door.

What is the installation process of granite?

Slabs are widely used as Kitchen counters or as Vanity tops. It is also used as cladding on walls, window sills, stairs, and risers. Whatever the application, the slabs are cut to size as per the shop drawings.The wall claddings are usually followed by using a curtain wall system in which the stone is fixed to a steel curtain which becomes a façade. The Kitchen tops are rested on the wooden carcasses which support the stone and the gaps are sealed using similar coloured fillers.