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Everything You Need to Know About Porcelain

Homeowners are in a constant dilemma of what stone to choose. There are a plethora of options and designs. Porcelain is one of the popular alternatives to granite and marble. Here is a quick introduction to porcelain and why we think it is good. 

Porcelain is made from heating naturally occurring materials like clay and minerals in high temperatures. Porcelain first evolved in China and then slowly spread to the rest of the world. 


Evolution in the process of manufacturing slabs added with successful techniques has increased the lifespan of porcelain slabs. Today, Porcelain is one of the most sought out after slab, especially for flooring. Porcelain slabs are found in great variety when it comes to design, textures, and colours. They are versatile slabs and can be used for any setting—be it indoor or outdoor; residential or commercial. They are far harder, denser, and less absorbent than ceramic. They are also considerably cheaper than natural stones like granite. Some of the

Desirable features of porcelain are:

Dirt and scratch-resistant
Compact and resistant to heat, frost, common acids or stain
Non- porous
Do not absorb smoke or fumes
Retain colour over a long period of time
Easy to clean and maintain

If you need to know more about porcelain and the advantages of using them, drop in a query or get in touch with us. At Hilltop, we also offer Marble design series in large & medium sizes of 6 & 12 mm thickness in Matte, Polished & Lustrous finishes.