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Remodeling Ideas To Complement New Countertops

October 29, 2021 / By Natalie Akins Interior Design Editor at Innovative Building Materials
Remodeling Ideas to Complement New Countertops

Updating your kitchen countertops is a huge step towards creating the kitchen of your dreams! Counters are where you get most of your food prep completed and are also the largest surface besides cabinets that people will notice when they walk in. It makes sense that people want to design around them!
These are the top remodeling ideas that will show off your fantastic new counters while also helping your kitchen achieve a cohesive and beautiful aesthetic.

Gorgeous New Flooring

Wood-appearing stone flooring is becoming increasingly popular for its aesthetic beauty and ability to last longer.  Pairing it with porcelain walls or counters is a sought-after look because of artificial wood’s ability to mimic the look of natural materials.

Wood flooring is incredibly popular because of how it looks, it’s a timeless aesthetic that allows for a floor to look more expensive than tile or laminate, yet unfortunately is prone to damage from water or denting.  Using manufactured wood-appearing flooring allows your kitchen to have that timeless look without having to worry about it getting damaged if something spills.  Especially in the kitchen, where spills are inevitable. 

Refinished Cabinets that Look Modern

Homeowners don’t have to replace their cabinets to give them a fresh look! Instead, you can focus on refinishing them to reinvent them. Sanding down their surfaces to ensure the changes stick, you can pick a stain or paint that pulls inspiration from the colors of your counters.

Like the tip about flooring, try to pick a color that will make your counters pop. If you have dark slate counters, consider a pale gray or pastel color for your cabinets with a dark trim that matches your counters. This will make your kitchen look purposeful without having to go too matchy-matchy to the point that it would be distracting.

Windows That Let In the Most Natural Light

Your windows are a major player that shouldn’t be ignored! Try to get as much natural light into your home as possible. You can put in vinyl replacement windows that will let in light while keeping out drafts, or take it a step further!


Taking the time to enlarge the window space is a great way to improve your kitchen and ensure more natural light hits those countertops. Counters that have iridescent or reflective fragments within them shimmer better in natural light, so it’s a must-have if you want to bump up your kitchen design

Improved Access and Utility
Remodeling Ideas to Complement New Countertops

For the last twenty years, there’s been a push towards design minimalism. This means fewer handles on cabinets, doors, fridges, and anything else that could be turned into a smooth and flat surface. Too many flat surfaces against the smooth countertop will make the kitchen feel one-note and almost sanitized with personality.

 Instead, look at ADA-approved grab bars and try to find a style that suits your kitchen while being comfortable to use. This type of update will help people navigate your kitchen while also adding a detail that’s fun to look at instead of another flat surface.

Paint Can Update Any Space
Remodeling Ideas to Complement New Countertops

There’s nothing like a coat of paint to make space feel brand new. Your color choices should be conscious of what color and texture your countertops are. Bright colors may be fun, but they can also pull the attention away from where you want it to land! Use color design to help center the gaze of those who walk in and guide them towards looking back at your counters.


Some may decide that they want to fully-tile their kitchen instead, which is also a fun option, but there’s more flexibility with paint in both color and texture! Tile does have its place in the kitchen, though.

A Backsplash That Will Amaze

Some new homes are forgoing the backsplash, but this is only possible if you don’t cook that often. Otherwise, oil splatter and heat will eventually stain your walls and ruin the look of the room. Although you can easily look up how to clean quartz countertops, it can be impossible to get oil out of paint.


Because quartz is incredibly popular, and usually comes in cooler tones, it’s a good idea to allow your backsplash to have that same tone.  Try to match, pulling colors from your counters’ natural stone colors like Sky Blue to choose for the gorgeous tile.

Allow Your Kitchen to Flow Naturally
Remodeling Ideas to Complement New Countertops

When all things are considered, our kitchens are the hearts of our homes. We cook, we drink together, and we forge memories that can last a lifetime. Creating a cohesive design allows the room to be both beautiful and easy to look at. Instead of focusing on clashing colors, you can breeze past the gorgeous design and get right to enjoying your space.



Natalie Akins is the Interior Design Editor at Innovative Building Materials. With over 20 years of interior design experience, Natalie has worked on many projects including commercial office design and residential spaces.

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