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Everything You Need to Know About Semi-Precious Stones

Semi-precious stones are gemstones made of minerals and other organic matter. They are aplenty and found in a great many shades and unique colours. They are believed to have healing and metaphysical properties and each stone is said to have certain energies and vibrations. They are not called ‘semi-precious’ because they are less valuable than precious stones, they are called so because they are found in abundance.

The banded agate, the intense blue Lapis Lazuli, the refreshingly blue coloured Turquoise, the purple-hued Amethyst, the multi-coloured Tourmaline, and the gentle white or pink Moonstone are some of the popular semi-precious stones. They look elegant, posh, and exquisite once they are finely cut and polished with state-of-art methods. They are often embedded with gold or silver jewellery that adds a touch of unique beauty to them.


Some of the common characteristics of Semi-precious gemstones are:

  •         Easy to maintain.
  •         Impervious to different weather conditions.
  •         Can withstand mechanical wear and tear.
  •         Most stones are found in abundant quantity.
  •         Durable against chemicals and common acids.

Semi-precious stones are not just limited to jewellery; at Hilltop we integrate these ornate and beautiful stones with tabletops, wall cladding, washbasins, accent walls, and use them for other decorative purposes. When these exquisite blocks of stones are black-lit, they automatically become the centre of attraction in any room. They add sophisticated beauty to the surroundings. Visit the Hilltop store or website to know and check out our collection of semi-precious stones.