Ever so often do industrialists work for the benefit of the Home they’ve been gifted. Earth. This journey of nature care led Kamal Giria and Nilesh Giria to the realm of natural stones. Founded in 1989 as Hilltop Granites, by the Giria Group, the company has matured
to Hilltop Stones. Hilltop has been helping the environment by doing their little by using procuring and processing
techniques, that makes every stone look remarkable, saving space and time.

why hilltop

Why Choose Hilltop

Today Hilltop Stones, does not limit its sphere of activity only to the “make and sell” of Granite stones. It houses a wide range of materials, many of which are remote and difficult to acquire.

  • Hilltop also works in close collaboration with traditional artisans and contemporary designers
    while procuring raw material.
  • It about an original approach to procurement and make in the industry
  • As expert connoisseurs of granites and other stones, Hilltop serves the purpose of introducing
    the Indian market with super exotic stones, excavated from the remotest of places throughout
    the world.
  • Through steady balance between sales in India and that overseas, Hilltop manages its clientele
    providing them with the best price on top quality stones.