What started as a small cutter plant at Malur, has now grown into a leading company catering to a global market for natural stones. It was started in 1989 as Hilltop Granites by Kamal Giria and Nilesh Giria. Ever so often industrialists work for the benefit of the HOME they have been gifted—Earth. This journey of nature care is what led to the conception of Hilltop Granites. Giria Group’s this endeavour, Hilltop Granites, soon matured into Hilltop Stones.

From successful beginnings to realising our grandest dreams, our trusted customers have been a part of our journey all along. With a mind full of dreams and heart full of passion our vision is to make Hilltop the ultimate destination for all things stones—jewellery, structures, home decor, and art.


Hilltop houses a wide range of products that suits the needs of local and global market.  We work in a way that benefits both the society and businesses. We are home to many stones which are remote and difficult to acquire. Hilltop’s sphere of activity does not stop at making and selling granite stones. Every stone, every colour, every texture signifies something and we care about the story you want to tell.

  • Hilltop works in close collaboration with traditional artisans and contemporary designers while procuring raw materials.
  • We take an original approach in the industry when it comes to procurement and make.
  • Our customers are our ultimate powerhouse and Hilltop provides them with the best price on top quality stones.
  • Consistent, steady sales in both Indian and overseas market has armed us with expert industry wisdom and fine-tuned customer insight that only experience can offer.

As expert connoisseurs of granites and other stones, Hilltop serves the purpose of introducing Indian market with exotic stones excavated from remotest parts of the world.  


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