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Hilltop was started in the year 1989 and we have been on a grand ride ever since. With almost three decades of experience under our belt, Hilltop has grown into a trusted name by many. Our numerous recognitions and rewards from the government, industry, and our ever-growing diverse clientele speak for us. We supply high quality, exquisitely colored natural stones (granite, marble, slates, etc.) to wholesalers, retailers, builders, interior designers, contractors, fabricators, and end-users.

Granite has been the go-to stone among builders and homeowners for many years. It is a time-worn stone that has stood the test of time and has been used since ancient times. Here is a quick introduction to granite and all its goodness.

This natural stone is an igneous rock compromising predominantly of quartz, mica, and feldspar. Quarried from the depths of Earth, granite is one of the most abundantly found stones on our planet.

They are found in various textures and colors that are further beautified and enhanced in our factories. In a sense, natural stones like granite embody the beauty of nature and mother earth.

Granite slabs are versatile and can be used for both indoor and outdoor settings. They last longer than the building itself and with proper polished care and maintenance, they will look as new as the day it was laid. Today granites are widely used for countertops, flooring applications, wall claddings, stairs, window stills, tabletops, bathtubs, walls—interior and exterior, and sometimes even for decorative installations.

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It’s always hard to make a decision about which granite to use, drop into our store to get ideas, and take a sample to check against your cabinets and walls. Choose without any doubt or hesitation.