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Keeping true to our mission to evolve continuously, Hilltop proudly introduces Porzé. It is the latest addition in our building materials catalogue. Porzé is a new line of sleek porcelain slabs with various designs, patterns, and colours. With the growing shortage of natural stones, there is an increasing demand for look-alikes of natural stones. This is where Porzé fits in the market—these slabs are thin, light sintered, and its properties are suitable for kitchen countertops, flooring, cladding etc. Going by history, the porcelain was vastly used because of its properties such as porosity and ability to compact itself well. Compact porcelains are dense, non-porous and thus very much suited for commercial and residential purposes. At Hilltop, it is available in large and medium size formats of 3200 x 1600 x 12 mm and 2400 x 1200 x 6 mm.

Homeowners are in a constant dilemma of what stone to choose. There are a plethora of options and designs. Porcelain is one of the popular alternatives to granite and marble. Here is a quick introduction to porcelain and why we think it is good.

At its purest form, Quartz is hard, transparent, and colorless. Once Quartz is mined they are mixed with substances like resin and color pigments. They are then to make it suitable for use. Since it is handmade, an endless variety of colors, designs, and patterns can be incorporated with the Engineered Quartz Stones (EQS). Quartz in the form of crystals is said to have healing properties.

Quartz mineral is found in many semi-precious stones and is used as jewelry. EQS is widely used for wall cladding, tabletops, countertops, stairs, flooring applications, bathtubs, backsplash, fountains, monuments, decorative pieces, etc. They are suitable for both indoor or outdoor applications and commercial or residential setups.

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As EQS has properties that ensure the long lifeline of the stone, they remain as a cheaper alternative for granite. At Hilltop we provide a wide variety of Quartz slabs suitable for  various setups.